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Top Rated Security

The security of our systems is a top priority, and we invest our time and resources accordingly. All our systems are rated A+ by the Qualys SSL Labs.

System & Component Updates

Applying security patches and keeping our components updated is an important part of our security strategy.

Our security methodology and strategy are continuously reviewed and updated.

Strong Encryption

We employ 4096 bit SSL Certificates inside our Network, and implement HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to prevent MITM attacks.

We also disable weak Cipher Suites. The new grade A+ standard was recently introduced for servers with exceptional standards of configuration.

Single Sign On(SSO)

Our Systems provide access control security such as IP Restriction, Geo Location Restriction and multi-session use restriction.

We identify attack patterns and lock out offenders permanently. Attackers are also added to HackRepair's Blacklist